About Us

About Us

We are located at an altitude of approx. 3,000 feet in the municipality of Ponce in Puerto Rico, at the foot of the highest mountain in Puerto Rico (Cerro  Punta 4,400 feet ).

The views from the Hacienda are spectacular. On one side the highest mountain peak and on the southern side the panoramic view of the Caribbean sea with its cooling breezes. It seems like paradise.

Hacienda Pomarrosa is a working coffee plantation. We produce a high quality gourmet coffee.  The harvested coffee is fully processed on the hacienda, including roasting and packaging.

In addition to our coffee we also operate a lodge. The Bed & Breakfast consists of 3 separate villas and 2 apartments, all located in lush green tropical surroundings with ocean views. All units are attractively furnished and sleep 2 persons each. The larger units have sofa beds and can accommodate up to 4 persons. 

Both of our Pomarrosa estate coffees, the "Premium" and "Gold" are no longer available for purchase. This shortage is caused due to damage to our coffee plants by Hurricane Maria back in 2017. New coffee trees are being planted but they will not be ready for harvesting any time soon. Please order our Pomarrosa "Especial" coffee​ in our store instead. Dismiss